April 27, 2010

April 19, 2010

SLAVES - Devil's Pleasures (1999)

[l to r: Andrew (Douglas) Rothbard, keys; Dave Clifford, drums; Joshua Hughes, guitar]

San Francisco's Slaves were originally the band behind Sonny Kay's scary voice in VSS.  Slaves became better known as Pleasure Forever when they signed to Sub Pop-- a  high concept project devoted to Sadean debauchery and Reichian acquiescence to pleasures of the flesh.  But back when they were Slaves, it was exploited labor and the occult which informed their style.  Equal parts goth punk and trashcan glam, synth swells blend with sharp, atmospheric guitar for a clautrophobic feeling throughout.  Dave Clifford would usually end their shows standing up to beat the drums as hard as he could.  Devil's Pleasures [Troubleman Unlimited] is a compilation of their two EPs before the change of name and label.  Pleasure Forever's two albums are also worth seeking out.