January 18, 2010

2009 - Year In Music

In no real order, here are 25 bands I damaged my hearing to in this year, 2009:

HEALTH ● Get Color
MI AMI ● Watersports
INTELLIGENCE ● Crepuscle with Pacman + Fake Surfers
ZOLA JESUS ● Tsar Bomba EP + New Amsterdam + The Spoils
BLANK DOGS ● Seconds 12”+Under and Under+Waiting 7”+Slow Room 7”
MAYYORS ● Deads 12”
WET HAIR ● Glass Fountain + Dream
PISSED JEANS ● King of Jeans
KURT VILE ● God Is Saying This to You + Childish Prodigy
FACTUMS ● Flowers
WOLF EYES ● Always Wrong
GARY WAR ● Horribles Parade
DUCKTAILS ● Landscapes + Ducktails
THESE ARE POWDERS ● All Aboard Future
CONVERGE ● Axe to Fail
SEX WORKER ● The Labor of Love
DIAL ● Dial EP
TICKELY FEATHER ● Hors D'oeuvres
NITE JEWEL ● Want You Back EP + You F O EP
LIGHTNING BOLT ● Earthly Delights
JOAN OF ARC ● Flowers
OMAR SOULEYMAN ● Dabke 2020:  Folk & Pop Sounds of Syria

(Check the Comments section for Honorable Mentions, my top 10 from 2008, and, just to illustrate, a dozen other records from 2008 I might have picked if I had heard them yet.)

And some of the many compilations and reissues I enjoyed from 2009:

VA ● Sound of Wonder! The First Wave of Plugged-In Pop at the Pakistani Picture House
ABNER JAY ● True Story of Abner Jay
VA ● Raks! Raks! Raks! 17 Garage Psych Nuggets from the Iranian 60s Scene
ONNA ● Onna
VA ● 1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground
COLD CAVE ● Cremations
JOYCE – Visions of Dawn
VA ● Shiftless Decay: New Sounds of Detroit
WICKED WITCH - Chaos 1978-82
VA ● String of Pearls: Jewels Of The 78rpm Era 1918-1951
24 CARAT BLACK ● Gone: The Promises of Yesterday
VA ● Midnight Massiera: The B-Music of Jean-Pierre Massiera
VA ● Siamese Soul: Thai Pop Spectacular vol. 2
VA ● Mortika: Recordings from a Greek Underworld
39 CLOCKS ● Zoned
THE CULTURAL DECAY ● Eight Ways to Start a Day
SUN RA & OTHERS ● Doo Wop from Saturn - Interplanetary Melodies vol. 1 + Second Stop Is Jupiter vol. 2
VA ● Singapore A-Go-Go vol. 1
VA ● Fly Girls - B-Boys Beware: Revenge of the Super Female Rappers!
Chris Thomson's Chunklet Tape Dump - (especially the Cupid Car Club demo tapes!)

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Petro Earl said...

If you care to glut yourself further on the geekiness, here are some honored mentionables from 2009:

Animal Collective ● Merriweather Pavillion + Fall Be Kind EP
Fever Ray ● Fever Ray
Dan Deacon ● Bromst
Former Ghosts ● Fleurs
The Ax ● Our Queen of Dirt
Naked on the Vague ● Chitty Chat 7”
St. Vincent ● Actor
Cold Cave ● Love Comes Close
DOOM ● Born Like This
J Dilla ● Jay Stay Paid
Antony & the Johnsons ● The Crying Light
Zombi Spirit Animal
Raekwon ● Only Built for Cuban Linx II

My Top Ten from 2008:

A F C G T ● A F C G T
The Hospitals ● Hairdryer Peace
Abe Vigoda ● Skeleton
Blank Dogs ● On Two Sides + The Fields EP + 7"s
Factums ● The Sistrum
Mutators ● Secret Life + 7”s & 12"s
Ghengis Tron ● Board Up the House
Young Widows ● Old Wounds
Lords ● Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers
Nite Jewel ● Good Evening
Beach House ● Devotion
Mayyors ● 7"s

And here are a dozen other great bands I slept on in 2008:

Lemonade ● Lemonade
Children's Hospital ● Alone Together
Naked on the Vague ● Blood Pressure Sessions
Grouper ● Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Circuit Des Yeux ● Symphone
Human Eye ● Fragments of the Universe Nurse
Beaches ● Beaches
Nothing People ● Anonymous
Snowman ● The Horse, the Rat, and the Swan
Dead Luke ● 7”s and s/t cassette
Black Orphan ● 7"s
U.S. Christmas ● Eat the Low Dogs