August 27, 2010

HALLELUJAHS - 肉を喰らひて誓ひをたてよ (1986)

"There’s something about this record that’s hard to get a grip on. It seems to float on layers of melody rather than rhythm, and in places it has an incomparable start of autumn melancholic atmosphere." --Alan Cummings

Hallelujahs is a one-off side project for frontman Shibayama Shinji (柴山伸二) , who played in Idiot O'Clock at the time, and currently comprises half the duo, Nagisa Ni Te.  Shinji pressed just 300 copies of 肉を喰らひて誓ひをたてよ on his own label, Org Records.  Hallelujahs' lo-fi psych haze has an ephemeral quality-- melodies waft beneath a sweet end-to-summer bummer.  Or as one review (re:Idiot O'Clock) put it:  "Do they even have porches in Japan?"  Northern Hemisphere, this record meets you at just the right time. 

Niku Wo Kuraite Chikai Wo Tateyo

                                                  (Thanks to Immortal Serenades for the fine photos)


Jo/No said...

Wow, thank you! I've been into Nagisa Ni Te for years and been looking for some of these old stuff but been unsuccessful until now. Do you have even more oldies of them?
Discovered your blog today thanks to your comment at Holy Warbles - lloking forward to see what else you've got here! :-)

Petro Earl said...

Happy to help, Jo/No. It's hard earth out there mining for old Org/PSF/Geographic bands. For now, you might enjoy Idiot O'Clock's first album, posted up over at the Mutant Sounds. Click the Idiot O'Clock hyperlink above and it'll take you right to it. Thanks for popping by.

brown beard said...

workin for the Oregon winter too. thank you