January 31, 2012

Oiseau de nuit (1975)

Night Bird speaks to the dreary lives people create for themselves. And when we finally find some means of escape,  we all too often retreat to the same drab existence we sought comfort in all along. The film premiered in 1975 at the inaugural Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Animator Bernard Palacios helped found the Annecy film club in 1971, and then helped organize the AIAFF in extension. Night Bird is better remembered abroad as part of a program of animated shorts that had first been shown at AIAFF but rechristened as the Fantastic Animated Film Festival in the US. 

Today, Palacios teaches animation workshops
in St-Laurent-le-Minier and organizes the animation festival Le Lézard Vert. He recently wrote a book of poetry,  Mes ordinaires trésors sont. See the Comments section for his full filmography.


Murky Recess said...

Bernard Palacios - Filmography

Histoire d'un Monsieur (Story of a Man)

Tour d'Ivoire (Ivory Tower)

Oiseaux de nuit (Night Bird)

Les trouble-fete (Kill-Joys)

Haut pays des neiges (Land of the Snowy Mountains)

La belle au bois d'or (Sleeping Gold)

Holly said...

Murky, that ought to come with a warning: if depressed & suffering from existential angst, yet susceptible to beauty: DO NOT WATCH

Kenn Pearson said...

I saw this when it first came to the U.S. in the 70's. It has haunted me ever since. The rain, the evocative music is all so . . . wonderfully depressing.

I've been on both sides of that wall, many times, soaring in the sunlight and warmth with others, or wandering alone through my life, getting soaked in the downpour. Each time I've felt this time I would remain where I was forever; only to find myself suddenly there on the other side. . .