February 3, 2010

AS MERCENARIAS - Cade As Armas? + Demo (1986/1982)

As Mercenárias were an all-female post-punk band from São Paulo, Brazil.  In their first two years as a band, Sandra Coutinho (bass/ backing vocals), Rosália Munhoz (lead vocals), and Ana Machado (guitar/backing vocals) were backed by IRA!'s guitarist Edgard Scandurra on the drums (seen above).  They recorded their demo with him and you can see him playing in the first video below.  Lou, one of the band's greatest fans, eventually joined the group, her biggest asset being that she owned a drum kit.  From then on, As Mercenárias were an all-female group.  They recorded their debut, Cade As Armas?, in 1985.  Clocking in at under 20 minutes, Cade As Armas? is funky, aggressive, shouty, and completely infectious; and surprisingly sophisticated considering few of the songs last longer than a minute and half.  On Trashland (1988), As Mercenárias further explored their unique take on post-punk with more sonic ambition.  The songs are longer and more textured, but it's uneven compared to Cade As Armas?  If you like Gang of Four, The Slits, Liquid Liquid, or Essential Logic, you'll like this even more.  Highly recommended!

As Mercenárias

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