February 5, 2010

VA - Eastern Standard Time (2009)

One of the guys from Notwist compiled this collection of 60s and 70s Eastern-styled instrumentals from the likes of Egypt, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Japan, and Lebanon.  Highlights include "Dance of the Rice-Tresher" and the surfy "Aa Jane Jaan."  The most recognizable name here would be Egypt's Omar Khorshid, who's Magic Guitar has already opened a lot of Western minds.  Like the Waking up Scheherazade compilation from a few years ago, these songs seem to have been made with Western ears in mind.  Most songs are in the novelty or exotica vein, but they're all deep cuts with a real psych vibe throughout.  As one would expect from the Notwist affiliation, this compilation has some pretty unbelievable breaks. And for anyone who's heard the Sound of Wonder! compilation of Pakistani "Lollywood" songs, you might notice Shabaz Qualander's "Fore Thoughts" has the same melody as the opening title track.  I've found similarly lifted melodies in a lot of Eastern music. Traditional melodies from the Middle East get swapped with Southeast Asian ones, and everyone steals Western pop hooks.  But the songs never sound the same, even when it's a cover.  Many times the melody gets warped at the service of the new song.  It can be a weird and jarring experience.  Like a dialogue between worlds.

A1 - Layale Bourg El Hamam - Azef El Leyl
A2 - Mohamed Abdel Wahab - Sahara City
A3 - Baligh Hamdy - Gada
A4 - The Sheiks Men - The Belly Dancer
A5 - The Leon-Symphoniette - Dance Of The Rice-Tresher
A6 - Fore Thoughts - Shabaz Qualander
A7 - Terauchi Takeshi + His Blue Jeans - Edo Komoriuta
A8 - Sohail Rana - Saat Maatray
B1 - Faiza Ahmed - Nootet Al Daaf
B2 - Baligh Hamdi - Raks El Asie
B3 - Omar Khorshid - Guitar El Chark
B4 - Little Egypt - Snake Charmer's Delight
B5 - Les Mogol - Madimak
B6 - Naushad - Dream Ride
B7 - S. Hazarasingh - Aa Jane Jaan
B8 - Charanjit Singh - Jaaneman Jaaneman

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hi, new to the site, thanks.

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hi, do you know where i can buy a copy of this on vinyl? if you do, please could you email me the site please? my address is russellwebb247@msn.com

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Any chance you could repost the link again? I used to have this, but it got lost with a corrupted hard drive...