July 22, 2010

VA - Chaabi Music From Al-Maghrib + Black Plastic Singing Flats (Mississippi Records Cassette Series)

Chaabi Music From Al-Maghrib is a collection of Moroccan music in the "proto-rai" vein of Sublime Frequencies' 1970s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground fame.  Black Plastic Singing Flats is a pan-Asian collection of pop and psych.  True to the hand-made enthusiast quality of these tapes, there are typos and misappropriation of artists to songs, but the point is to hear things you may not have heard before, and then go seek more of it out yourself. 

I separated Chaabi Music From Al-Maghrib into individual tracks and cleaned it up a little bit.  If I recall correctly, I copped Black Plastic Singing Flats from BIG STATES.  And every good sort owes himself a visit to Root Strata where you can find just about any of the Mississippi cassettes available to be found.  On a Doo Wop/Soul tip, I also recommend the two House of Broken Hearts tapes I posted back when.

Chaabi Music From Al-Maghrib (MRC-009)

Black Plastic Singing Flats (MRC-011)

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tim abdellah said...

The "Chaabi" tape is really interesting!! Some well known things (Nass el Ghiwane/Jil Jilala/Lemchaheb), but also some really obscure things too! Abdou el Omari? Wild! Shukran!