July 21, 2010

黑暗休会: The Voice of Magic Saw

Wang Jiahua performs 甜蜜蜜 ("Sweet Honey") + 瀟灑走一回 ("???")

The "Magic Saw" technique involves amping a traditional Chinese musical saw performance, and sometimes adding drum machine and effects.  Musical saw was very popular throughout southeast Asia and continues to have its followers.  I am particularly interested in Hong Kong's Fang-Teng Lee, otherwise known as the "The Sound of Magic Saw," who released several albums in the late sixties. Wang Jiahua, for her part, is known as "The Voice of Magic Saw" ( 魔鋸之音), and is a street performer living in Taiwan.


Michelle said...

If you know how to contact Wang Jiahua, could you please tell her that there is an annual musical saw festival in New York City. She might be interested in performing there. She can see info and contact them through their website: www.musicalsawfestival.org
Thank you.

Petro Earl said...

Hi Michelle,

I would love to contact her for the festival, but I haven't had any luck dredging up her information. I sent a message to the person who posted the videos, and I'll gladly pass along any information I get.