July 29, 2011

Ill Repute: Pour joindre à votre collection!


Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Agnes//Unknown//Unknown//La Polar//Solea "La Morena"//Conchita


Holly said...

I SO want unknown #1's 'bra'! While I am not cool enough to rock the headdress, just knowing I had those those awesome pasties would totally make my more mundane days much more bearable ;-) Oh yeah.

øשlqæda said...

owl hail yer tireless roundups of inspired imagery. these are charming

Holly said...

I forgot to mention that Unknown #1's headdress is totally suited to Ozma of Oz, who, along with L. Frank Baum, I have idolized since early childhood ;-)

Flash Strap said...

Beauty, just howling out of the past, always with that Mona Lisa smile. Love it when you drop murks on the visual side of the recess.

Spinning in Air said...

Those all look like theatrical portraits - do you have the original photos? If so, they would have the name of the photographic studio + the name of the people in the photos (the latter especially if the subjects were actresses).

and hey... lots of ordinary folks posed in costume back then, too.

*Love* the headdress in the 1st pic!